SuperBrands Retreat

Nourishing cleaning, color freshening, repair treatments on the leather or hardware – up to total recovery. It's always worth it.

You and your favorite pieces are in professional hands with us. SuperBrands RETREAT is a sub-brand of Superbrands Bags & Dresses, the second-hand stores for luxury brands that are confronted with exactly these problems every day. Beautiful bags, vintage classics with signs of wear or defects, too old for the manufacturer to claim possible warranty services.

SuperBrands Rereat now offers Europe-wide specialist know-how and a tailor-made service for your luxury bags. In addition to the repair services, this also includes reports, the provision of lost certificates and of course, if requested, the sale of the bag.

This is how you create space and budget for new treasures, in accordance with our philosophy:

You can check-in your bags in person in Düsseldorf and Zug (CH) - alternatively, individual and reliable shipping and customer service is available throughout Europe.